Only this love

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I'm counting my blessings as I lie here in bed
recalling your face and the words that you said,
the look in your eyes when I saw you last week,
that long ago touch of your hand on my cheek
I'm being consumed by a love I can't speak...

But if I could, I would try to explain
how it's worth it to suffer immeasurable pain
and be born into form on this physical plane
again and again and again and again
for the chance to be near you, just once
and proclaim this love,
only this love, only this love

For this is the nectar my living is worth
This is my purpose, my reason for birth;
it was not for some future my mind could conceive
and not for the deeds my will could achieve
It was only for love, only this love

Just like these song notes that rise and decay,
everyone here will soon pass away,
even this room and this planet some day
We can only assume that God planned it that way
so we wouldn't get lost,
but the price we must pay
for playing this game, is that nothing remains --
only this love, only this love

I have no idea what the future will bring
or how many songs I have in me to sing,
how many chances I'll have to express
the depth of this love and the ways I've been blessed,
or how many times I'll be put to the test
for love, this love
But despite all my faults, I hope you can see
past the tales told by others and the ones told by me
to the heart of my heart where a river runs free
untouched by the mind's sense of how things should be

And you can know me, as I can know you
and trust in this love we know to be true
and only this love,
only this love, only this love, only this love